The Company

PONTEM ENGINEERING SERVICES S.L. was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with experience in the field of infrastructure and a shared vision to pursue innovative, efficient, safe, durable and sustainable solutions for the increasingly demanding challenges posed by projects of remarkable engineering.

We strive to adopt a holistic approach for all of our projects and to execute each and every phase along the way: design, administrative processes, contracting, execution of work, technical assistance, quality assurance and control, and hand-over.

We provide services on a global scale and we currently have projects underway in three continents for both private clients and public entities, and across all the sectors in our field of business.

Our commitment to innovation in infrastructure can be seen in projects such as the Gerald Desmond Replacement Bridge in the Port of Long Beach, California. Working for our partner CALTROP (, we provided expert technical advice to the California Department of Transportation ( in the execution of the first cable-stayed bridge for road traffic in this State, using the latest-technology devices for the detection of the most severe seismic events.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our investment in the field of offshore wind power, providing constructive and logistical solutions for the manufacture of some of the largest offshore wind farms currently in construction. Working for our client TECADE ( on projects such as Wikinger (, we were proud to collaborate in the development of green, efficient energy for Germany.

Our commitment to quality in the execution of projects can be seen in projects such as the River Tagus Viaduct for the High-Speed Railway Line between Spain and Portugal. Working for our client CFC (, we provided detail engineering services, technical assistance during execution, quality assurance and control, and instrumentation and control for a viaduct with a main arch span of 324 m, making it the second longest bridge of its kind in the world.

The commitments of PONTEM ENGINEERING SERVICES S.L. are underpinned by tangible projects, which constitute the best examples of our philosophy and the most reliable endorsement of our capacity and our ambition.